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Small businesses have been ignored and disrespected.

Let's get your digital presence rockin' and rollin'. 

our "About Us" is mostly about you

Our mission is to generate qualified leads, provide automated follow-up, and increase business for local service businesses by combining local SEO, social media posts and ads, and frequent follow-up with SMS, email, and messenger.

What our clients think of us

Man in Blue Suit Karate chop Lead Generation Oregon City

Results-oriented, and customer focused. Brought impactful guidance to the table on day one of our engagement. Have seen their own site in Google’s top 3 search results, enough for me! 

Garon King 
Founder King & Co Consulting
Keenan Smirking Portland Local SEO

Justin has been great in helping us navigate through the marketing terminology and how to learn more on our own. We look forward to all the projects were planning with him and his team. Best Oregon SEO for sure!!

Keenan Cline 
Owner & CTO Lightbulb Networks

Why should i listen to you, marketing guy?

You should never take anyone's word. Our job is to prove our claims, and we do that by measuring YOUR campaign's ROI. If we don't earn your business, we don't deserve it.

The "near me..." phenomenon

GPS and location tracking have come a long way since the Cold War. We have seen “Near me” or "close by" type searches grow more than 900% over the last three years. If your business wouldn't benefit from a 900% increase in visibility, then I'm a monkey's uncle. Our Local SEO is just one piece of our business growth plan.

Social site's have clout

When a customer searches for a new business, social media presence carries lots of weight! With a hollow profile, potential customers report feeling a lack of trust. If your business can't be trusted, then it's losing the opportunity to prove otherwise. Cost efficient social ads and scheduled social posting is another cog in our business growth plan.

Automated reminders increase ROI

Customers miss appointments for myriad reasons, from pure, innocent forgetfulness to work or family obligations, to willful insolence. Whatever the reasons, the cost of missed appointments is staggering. Lets remedy that by taking it off your plate of things to do, and let our happy robots keep up with prospects and existing customers.

What to do next?


Gather any credentials you have about your accounts (social media, website hosting and domain, advertising, analytics, directory listings, etc). 


Reach out by visiting our Contact Us page, or click here to make an appointment, and we can start finding the gaps in your online strategy.


Let's take a look "under-the-hood" to see what you've done well, and discover what's lacking.