Local SEO...Easy

Your service company works hard. Your website should work harder! We will audit, correct, and submit Local SEO signals that Google sees as helpful.

You Own Your Assets

You own your vehicles, tools, and bank accounts. We believe you should own your digital assets as well. Any and all login and password information will be immediately shared with you.

Strict SEO is for Dinosaurs

SEO has evolved. Social media, video, forums, and news sites all run on organized data. Your rankings can improve because we use all of these signals to boost your authority.


Local SEO Roadmap

Our Local SEO Roadmap is proven to rank businesses in dozens of niches. To repeat results, a system is required and our system has provided 3-pack results repeatedly.


Lead Generation

Our sales funnels are A/B tested and dialed to maximum potency. Between paid search and social ads, organic opt-ins, and review-generated referrals, our lead-gen is top shelf.


Small Businesses Only

We only work with small businesses. If your company has more than 50 employees, please return to the search engine results for another agency.

​Customer stories

Garon Karate chop

Garon King- CEO of King&Co Consulting

"Results-oriented, and customer focused. Brought impactful guidance to the table on day one of our engagement." 

Keenan Smirking Portland Local SEO

Keenan Cline - Owner of Lightbulb Networks LLC

Justin has been great in helping us navigate through the marketing terminology and how to learn more on our own. We look forward to all the projects were planning with him and his team. Best Oregon SEO for sure!!

Karl smiling with star

Karl Pfalzgraff -

"One of the most honest people I know."

Our Local SEO Audit And Roadmap

When a road has a pothole, it should get patched up. When your digital marketing has a hole, PDX Service SEO will help you patch it. ​

 SEO Roadmap has provided 30% increase in bookings and calls for local businesses, consistently. 

"Everything Yields to Diligence" Antiphanes

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